Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at


Your company level is your flex add-on level.

Example: Pre Teen Company, is Pre Teen Hip Hop, Acro, Musical Theatre.

If you know a flex dancer wanted to audition for Performance or Company, we still have limited spaces available & can arrange private auditions.

  • dancers can audition via summer camp upon request.


We encourage your dancer to take as many add on classes as they would like! We are ecstatic to be offering high quality flex classes, maintaining standards across the board.

  • only one of your flex classes is a complimentary add on at no charge to you.
  • other add ons are at a discounted price for our company team.

if your dancer would only like to be in Mega Crew (large group hip hop) then they only need to attend Tech Classes with Paul once a month.

  • Dates will be released before the season starts
  • Paul (the educator) reserves the right to recommend a flex class.
  • Mega Crew is via invite.
  • Miss Mackenzie will be the educator for our Flex Hip Hop.

A: if your dancer would like to be in select groups, (Bisons) then flex classes are mandatory with Miss Mackenzie.

Example: Varsity bisons must attend flex classes once a week at their company level.

  • this can be your one free add-on as a company dancer.


We are hoping to have merchandise available for the pre season, we will email as soon as this is confirmed.

Payments, Fees & Cost

We will have both options available, however, full-year payments will be by request only.

  • if you choose monthly, we cannot switch the payment plan throughout the year.

After you register on the website, your First payment will not come out until the 15th of September

Performance & Part Time Performance

Part Time Performance team must attend 2 genres. The dance genres that they attend will be the dance genres they compete in.


Example: Sally wants to compete in musical theatre and Hip Hop, so she attends both musical theatre and Hip Hop flex classes, Sally does not have to be in Tap if she doesn’t want to compete tap, but is more than welcome!

No, our Part Time team cannot compete in jazz, or lyrical, but taken the class they want to compete in next season is a great way to work towards a goal!