Our registration is closed for the season and will be opening again very sooner the 2023/2024 season, stay tuned.

2023 handbook

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Our MKD flex programs are thoughtfully designed by our experienced faculty that include fun and engaging lessons for students of all ages and levels using a mix of technique, creative movement and choreography to inspire and motivate! In addition to providing high-quality dance training, the MKD Faculty works hard to create a strong community atmosphere. Learning and building each week, dancers will be given a safe space to thrive, grow and connect. The trust, care, and connection between the faculty and students are of utmost importance to us. Our MKD flex program is a great place to try out a bunch of different styles to figure out which ones your dancer(s) enjoys the most. Once folks experience various types of dance, they may want to join classes that are more structured like our performance and company programs

AGES & LEVELS *Choose your level (by age default, we will move you if needed.)

Mini Sun 2.5-3yrs

Mini Moon 3yrs

Mini Stars 4yrs

Mini Groovers 4yrs

Acrobatties 4yrs

Broadway Babies 4yrs

Pre junior 5-7yrs

Junior 8-10

Pre teen 11-13yrs

Teen 13+

Senior 13+(teacher recommended)

Performance Team

Performance Team is an adaptation of our company program created to train the dancers with the same technical excellence as the company program on a less intensive scale. The MKD performance team(s) are designed for students with current dance experience who are looking to increase their time commitment and put their best foot forward on the path towards competitive dance.


Company is designed to provide professional training to the next generation of artists who are passionate about dance and are looking for more opportunities to do so! Commitment, focus, hard work, leadership, accountability and dedication are the foundations of this program. This program is suitable for highly dedicated dancers who are passionate about growing technically and artistically. The MKD company program will introduce new dance methods that will challenge the dancers to move out of their comfort zone; helping them grow as artists.