Having a dress code shows respect for the art form, and allows teachers to make effective corrections on dancers. It also limits distractions and helps dancer feel prepared for class.


Teeny, Tiny & Mini

An outfit the dancer can move comfortably in. Dancers may wear dance attire (bodysuit and tights, ballet skirt OR black shorts and a white t-shirt ) if you wish.

We do not require a specific brand of bodysuit at this age.

Jazz & Technique

Form fitting clothing (i.e. leggings, jazz pants, fitted shorts, leotards, tank tops, crop tops).

• No baggy clothes.

Musical theatre, Hip Hop & Tap

Comfortable clothings, self expression is encouraged. Please refrain from logos or distracting designs.

Lyrical & Contemporary

Form fitting clothing (i.e. leggings, jazz pants, fitted shorts, leotards, tank tops, crop tops)


Ballet has two options:

Black bodysuit, pink tights (pink ballet shoes)


White t shirt, black tights (black ballet shoes)


Tight fitting clothing without zippers or snaps whenever possible.

Shorts are preferred over leggings.


Teeny, Tiny, & Mini

Our younger programs wear canvas ballet shoes, however, dancers must be able to go barefoot at anytime for safety reasons, so if your dancer is wearing tights, they must have holes in the bottom of the feet of be footless. We call these transition tights!

Jazz, Technique & Musical Theatre

Jazz, technique and musical theatre can all wear beige jazz shoes to class. We prefer Bloch or tie up jazz shoes, but they are not mandatory.

NOTE: dancers may be required to have black jazz shoes at recital, depending on theme or costume.

Lyrical & Contemporary

This year, we are slowly moving away from half sole shoes. We are finding them slippery and that they need to be replaced to often as they wear out quickly. Dancers are still welcome to wear them, we are encouraging moving to a foot undie.

Hip Hop

This year, we ask that dancers have all white sneakers for recital, no high top shoes.

Dancers are welcome to wear any indoor sneakers to class as long as they are supportive and clean.


Black lace up tap shoes are required for tap (lace exceptions made for Mini programming)

We prefer bloch shoes!


Traditional female ballet shoes are canvas pink, split sole shoes are preferred.

Traditional male ballet shoes are canvas black.


Please bring ALL dance shoes to chores classes, the default for coming into class in Jazz.


Barefoot for Acro!

  • Short Hair

    Short hair should be slicked back with product or be pinned if the hair is in the dancers eyes.

  • Shoulder Length Hair

    Shoulder length hair should be pulled back above the ears, below the ears can be left down.

  • Long Hair

    Long hair should be securely pulled back into a bun, pony or braids.

  • Jewelry

    Jewelry such as watches and earrings except studs should be removed as accidental contact with another dancer or object such as wall or floor could result in harm.

    Individual Educators will let students know if they can wear Fitbits/Apple Watches in class dependant on activity.